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Adrien's grief by suicunespurr Adrien's grief :iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 3 0
Miraculous Knights Chapter 14
Chat walked with his quarterstaff in hand, slightly behind Le Paon who had her bow and arrow drawn, relaxed but still ready to fire at a moment's notice. Their footsteps resounded at the quietness of the halls.
“You seem to know your way around,” Chat commented. He knew his way around these halls like the back of his hand, but still let Le Paon take the lead since she was older. He was surprised as she knew what halls to avoid and ones to take as she led their two-party team.
“I … I live here actually,” Chat was taken aback by her response.
“Yes, I know these halls well enough.”
“Have you ever tried searching for Hawkmoth here?”
“No, I honestly hoped he wasn’t here. I guess my hope blinded me to the truth.” Chat sighed. He was honestly angry to find out his own father was Hawkmoth when Chloe told him. Even more so upon seeing the truth before his eyes when they confronted him. But now that ang
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Professor Agreste by suicunespurr Professor Agreste :iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 19 11
Miraculous Knights Chapter 13
Fifteen year old Adrien stood at attention by his father’s side, yawning as he scanned the crowd for a certain someone.
“Who are you looking for darling,” Adrien’s attention was drawn away from the crowd to his mother, Queen Emilia who sat beside his father on the opposite side. Adrien joined his mother on her side, kissing her cheek as he greeted her.
“No one particularly special mother.”
“Adrien, I’d know that look anywhere.”
“What look?”
“The same look your father had when he searched for me at our first ball.” Adrien’s face went pink with embarrassment as his mother gave him and all knowing smile. From where Adrien previously stood, Chloe Bourgeois scowled.
Adrien resumed his search from his mother’s side.
“Although my question is dear, why you chose to go with the silver mask instead of the black, you know how stunning you look in black.”
“Thank you mother, but father insist
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Ladybug and Chat Noir by suicunespurr Ladybug and Chat Noir :iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 19 14
Miraculous Knights Chapter 12
A giant siege tower toppled over to the side, destroying  a couple nearby buildings. The lone occupant lay on the ground, his akumatized weapon defeated.
“Volpina, anyway you can do a mass transport of the citizens,” asked Ladybug as she continued fighting her opponent who wielded a giant buster sword.
“I could, but they would all need to be in one specific place otherwise I may some of the akuma knights if I do a general area.”
Jade Turtle rammed Ladybug’s opponent from the side, knocking down the knight.
“No problem. People from the outskirts of the town have largely been evacuated already. So unless we see any people coming towards us, they hopefully made it out.”
“Did you see your-”
“Parents? No. But the house was vacant. I stopped by that bakery you mentioned and it was closed to. Sorry Volpina, I couldn’t find you place.”
“It’s fine, I already saw everyone had left when
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Miraculous Knights Chapter 11
Soldiers patrolled the outer wall of the capital city of Pari, observing as local residents, farmers, and merchants from distant lands entered the mighty gates of the city. Despite the recent takeover of Hawkmoth, life had continued on for those not involved with the political ongoings of their kingdom. The only difference was the akuma knights, whose easily fluctuating emotions set some people on edge as they meandered about the city under Hawkmoth’s orders.
Two of the soldiers on the wall watched as an akuma knight terrorized some citizens, looking more like a monster than an actually knight.
“I bet I could out run it,” announced the taller of the two guards as he wandered back to the other side of the wall, to see no one suspicious coming from the farm lands.
“The Horrificator Akuma Knight can run approximately 46 kilometers per hour. Given your top speed is 17.25 kilometers per hour based on training records, you’d be stuck in Horrificator’s slim
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Volpina and DJ Boy by suicunespurr Volpina and DJ Boy :iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 24 2
Miraculous Knights Chapter 10
“Come on Chat, practice like you mean it,” Adrien snapped from his trance to see himself paired with a fifteen year old Nino. Fighting nearby was fifteen year old Marinette and Honey Bee.
“Right, sorry.” Adrien went in and attacked again.
“So bro, ready for the masquerade tonight?”
“Yeah, should be fun,” Adrien responded absentmindedly, continuously taking glances at Marinette. He felt a force knock him down to the ground.
“Bro, you alright?” Nino offered Adrien a hand to help him up, which Adrien took. Marinette and Honey Bee stopped fighting to watch.
“Just need a break.”
Nino headed towards where a jug of water was, grabbing a drink with a nearby mug. Adrien headed over as Marinette and Honey Bee followed, Marinette passing him by.
“Someone is looking forward to tonight,” Marinette winked as she joined Nino.
“Don’t forget, we have a job to do,” Adrien turned to w
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Volipina and Ladybug by suicunespurr Volipina and Ladybug :iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 42 14
Miraculous Knights Chapter 9
“Stop it, I can feed myself you know,” Marinette whined as she grabbed the spoon from Adrien.
“My lady, you are still in recovery, you need to let me serve you hand and foot,” Adrien tried to grab the spoon back, only to have Marinette evade him and give herself a spoonful of food.
“I assure you I can feed myself without your help. You don’t have to stay and help me.”
“Alya told me to.”
“Of course she did, and why didn’t Nino ask you to help with setting up the bar?”
“He said he could handle. I have nothing to do but wait on you princess?”
“What is with these nicknames?” Adrien shrugged.
“Visions I’ve been having suggesting I called you those.” Marinette blushed, her guard down long enough for Adrien to grab the spoon.
“Adrien, stop!”
“Nope, you need you eat if you are to get your strength back,” Adrien spooned some more food and fed Marinette, her s
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Miraculous Knights Chapter 8
“Good, now block!” Master Fu and the blond-haired woman still with her disguise on watched as Adrien and Marinette fought each other with the quarterstaff, Adrien eventually beating Marinette.
“Very good, both you. Now take a break while we work with the others for a bit,” the woman’s voice had a melodious tone to it, a power that could almost make any person comply, friend or enemy. Adrien helped Marinette up who smiled, who looked like she was no more than fifteen years of age.
“Here you both go, great practice,” Adrien turned to see a girl adorned in primarily yellow and black, looking very familiar as she handed Adrien and Marinette some cups filled with water.
“Thanks Honey,” Marinette smiled at her companion who clearly had only eyes for Adrien.
“Yeah, thanks.” Adrien took his drink, as Honey Bee returned to where Nino and Alya stood.
“Let’s take a walk,” Adrien suggested, leading her away from wh
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Miraculous Fairy Tail: Ladybug Decisions
Marinette slowed down as the distance from her and the guild increased, Tikki slowing her flight to walk beside her.
"Marinette, what's wrong?"
"Nothing Tikki, just tired."
"If you're tired then why did you run out like that?"
"I don't know Tikki, maybe its just the whole Ladybug thing."
"Is it because Adrien likes Ladybug?"
"NO! Maybe. Kind of. Part of it I guess. You saw his reaction to trying to find Ladybug. He didn't know me past the pictures, and likes the girl in the photos. Not actual me."
"Give him a chance. Maybe work with him on a job so he can get to know you more. You did say you want to be partners."
"True. That's a start. But what about Ladybug?"
"Well, what do you think."
"I like showing off my designs, and it is easier making them for me than someone else, but this Ladybug popularity is driving me crazy, and it gets more annoying when people who see some perfect Ladybug get disappointed it is just me."
"Maybe you should try talking to your mom about
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Miraculous Fairy Tail: Welcome to Fairy Tail
In a land far, far away, lies the Kingdom of Fiore, a small peaceful nation of 17 million, and a place filled with magic! Found in every home, bought and sold in every marketplace, for most, magic is merely a tool, a mundane part of everyday life. For some, however, magic is an art, and they have devoted their lives to its practice. These are the mages. Banded together into magical guilds they apply their skills in search of fame and fortune. Many such guilds dot the landscape of Fiore. But there is a certain guild in a certain town that soars high above the rest, one from which countless legends have been born... a guide that will no doubt continue to create legends well into the future. Its name... is Fairy Tail.
Last Time on Fairy Tail
“You were chasing after Ladybug?”
“How would you like to come to my party tonight?”
“Don’t do anything stupid.”
“I’m the real Ladybug.”
“Wait, two Ladybugs?”
:iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 3 0
Miraculous Knights Chapter 7
Ladybug, Volpina, and Jade Turtle stopped at a slight distance away from the tower, observing the soldiers who had established a perimeter around the base of the tower.
“Volpina, can you check to see if there is a window we can go in,” Ladybug whispered as they crouched behind bushes. Volpina nodded and looked to Jade Turtle, who positioned himself against a tree. Volpina stepped into his clasped palms as he hoisted her into the tree.
From her vantage point she could see only near the top of the tower an open window. She gracefully lowered herself down and landed beside her comrades. She motioned for them to follow her as they made their way through the trees to a better vantage point. Even under the window, soldiers patrolled the area.
“On the top floor there's a window, but I think my flute will draw too much noise and attention.”
“Probably should have waited for night time to give us more cover,” acknowledge Jade Turtle, which made Ladybug scowl a
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Royal Ladybug by suicunespurr Royal Ladybug :iconsuicunespurr:suicunespurr 30 0


Watching for Comets part 1
It was supposed to be a routine mission, to take the Miraculous to the Gamma Quadrant for the Great Guardian Master Fu.  She was entrusted with them as the wielder of the Ladybug Miraculous, as the Princess of the planet Miran.  Marinette, at the age of 19, was given this task to prove herself and she took her role seriously.  She knew the mission should have been easy but even with her luck, things didn't always go smoothly.  She was on the bridge when the alarms went off.
"Status report," the young woman commanded.
"Another ship is approaching and fast!  Sensors show they are prepared to fire their weapons," cried a crew memeber.
"Open the communication channel!  Let's see what they want first," Marinette cried.
The communication officer inputted the command and gave the signal it was ready.
"This is Princess Marinette of Miran!  State your reasons for aiming your weapons at us!"
"My dear Princess, you know perfectly well what my reasons are," said
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Video tutorial - Skin Shading by Rinine Video tutorial - Skin Shading :iconrinine:Rinine 145 3 Skin tones by nouriesse Skin tones :iconnouriesse:nouriesse 167 1 Soft Shading Tutorial by Annabel-m Soft Shading Tutorial :iconannabel-m:Annabel-m 12,405 278 How To Draw Face - Shadow by wysoka How To Draw Face - Shadow :iconwysoka:wysoka 1,261 14 How To Draw Hair by wysoka How To Draw Hair :iconwysoka:wysoka 834 11
March, Friday the thirteenth, the calendar read. According to his schedule, he had the whole day to himself. But more than anything, he wished he could have it spent with his beloved Ladybug. Perhaps if he was lucky, he would run into her on this fine casual day. Not as Chat Noir, his alternate ego, nor battling any akumas for that matter. Perhaps… his eyes broadened, emerald irises glowing as a wishful thought struck his mind, he would meet the woman behind the mask! His morning was made with such a simple thought as that. As he quickly packed for school and headed down to the dining room, there was a small skip in his usual strides. The blissful thought in mind, Adrien Agreste hoped that luck was on his side. After all, he was the image of the infamous mascot of this superstitious day.
He should have known. To think that his alter ego was the star of this day, things would turn up most favorably in his direction. Adrien shook his head, chuckling dryly beneath his
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The Grove by Qesque The Grove :iconqesque:Qesque 71 8
Concussion Part 3
An Adrinette Fanfic
Marinette was ecstatic. She was happy as Hell and couldn't seem to keep still for a second. She'd barely slept last night and had tripped over several things while getting ready due to her rapid movements. A large smile was plastered to her smooth face.
What was the cause of her bubbly attitude you ask?
She was going back to school today. She couldn't remember the last time she was this excited to go to school, but was to hyper to care.
She had finally been released from the hospital yesterday, after they had concluded that she was completely healed. Her arm was still wrapped in a pink cast that wouldn't be removed for a little while longer, but she was otherwise fine, as well as completely overjoyed at the prospect of being freed from her four week confinement. Her various bruises had healed long ago and the large cut on the back of her head had scarred over nicely. The jagged mark was placed in just a manner that she was able to hide it when she put her shining bl
:iconrextheshovel:RexTheShovel 14 10
Concussion Part 2
An Adrinette Fanfic
9:38 PM, Paris Medical Center, Room E5
Adrien sat silently next to the hospital bed, his vibrant green eyes fixated on the girl lying peacefully in front of him. He clutched her pale hand lightly in his own, squeezing it every now and then. His tears had long since been dried, but the pang of guilt that burrowed deep in his gut remained.
As soon as he had collected himself from the initial shock of the incident that occurred several hours earlier, he'd immediately called Nathalie and required her to come pick him up ASAP. She had frantically asked if anything was the matter, but he had already hung up, dashing back into the building in order to retrieve his belongings. The limo had arrived less than two minutes later and he hopped in, demanding that he be taken to the Paris hospital at once, no questions asked. Nathalie must have seen the determined look he wore, as she kept her mouth firmly shut.
Upon arriving, he had dashed to the front desk, speaking a mile a min
:iconrextheshovel:RexTheShovel 21 9
Concussion Part 1
An Adrinette Fanfic
“Alya! Give me back my phone!” Marinette yelled as she chased her best friend down the hallway.
“Come and get it!” the ombre haired girl replied as they reached their English class. Panting, the smaller teen braced herself against the wall as her friend chuckled lightly. It always amazed Marinette how she could be so fast and athletic when she was Ladybug, but slower than a snail's behind when she was her normal self.
“Geez girl! You need to work out more.”
‘If only you knew Alya.’ Marinette thought as she straightened herself and held out her hand for the captured device. Sighing, the thief handed over her stolen treasure while the two walked into class, taking their seats. Moments later, Adrien and Nino entered, followed by Chloe with a jumpy Sabrina tagging behind. Marinette tried desperately to hold onto her composure as her crush sent her a blinding smile, which she replied to with a timid wave.
“Alright cla
:iconrextheshovel:RexTheShovel 24 7
Rise of the Monkey King part 8
Monkey King was furious now.  To not only be bested by these children, but his former nemesis and her sidekick.  So, to release his anger he takes it out on the fountain he finds himself nearby, causing people to run.  He used the water from the damaged fountain and began to destroy buildings and freeze people.  He knew this would get their attention and quite frankly, he wanted to.  He was ready to crush them.  So when he saw them drop in front him, he was ready for them.
"So you have water bending powers," asked Ron.
"He's also an air bender," added Chat.
"Then allow me to blow you away," said Monkey King.
He released a gust of wind that sent the heroes flying.  Both Kim and Ladybug managed to recover but Chat and Ron weren't as lucky.  Kim sped off and caught Chat while Ladybug used her yo-yo to catch Ron.
"Thanks for the save," grinned Chat.
"You're welcome, Kitty," smiled Kim.
"You okay, Ron," yelled Ladybug.
"I'm good!  Thanks for the
:icondjmirnum:DJMirnum 11 2
Rise of the Monkey King part 7
These Monkey King clones were powerful but they only had half his strength.  Ladybug was able to determine that quickly.  Kim and Ron helped her but then after Ron took down one of them, he took off.  Hopefully to help Chat like Ladybug should have done but the clone she was fighting wouldn't let up.
"I hope Chat and Ron are alright," yelled Kim.
"Chat's a good fighter but he and I work better together!"
"I couldn't agree more!  Just imagine how well you two would be outside the mask!"
"I'm still not sure!"
"Well, let's take care of this first and then have our heart to heart!"
The two female heroes made quick work of them, each one disappearing in a puff of smoke.  They looked off in the direction they saw Ron fly off, too.
"You think they're okay," asked Ladybug.
"Not sure.  Monkey King looked to have had Chat in a corner.  I hope Ron made it in time."
"We'd best go check on them.  I've got a feeling my Chat is in trouble."
"And my Ron as well,
:icondjmirnum:DJMirnum 12 3
Rise of the Monkey King part 6
Ladybug was in trouble, no question about it.  He was more powerful this time.  She saw how he fought at the museum but she didn't think he could be this nimble and precise.  With him being on a nimbus cloud made it much harder to fight.  She channeled as much of her good luck as she could to avoid his strikes.  She just hoped that the others would arrive in time.  Meanwhile, Kim and Ron, who was holding Chat Noir in his arms, raced across the city to Ladybug's location.
"We should be there soon.  Is she picking up," asked Kim.
"No, she's not responding to calls from my staff or ear comm," said Chat.
"Let's just hope wherever she is, she's doing ok," said Ron.
At that point, they saw a red blur flying through the air.
"LADYBUG," yelled Chat.
Kim flew at top speed toward her and used her grappling hook to swing her back.  Her momentum sent Ladybug toward Kim and Kim caught her.
"You ok," Kim asked.
"I think so.  But Monkey Fist..."
"Easy, LB.
:icondjmirnum:DJMirnum 14 3
Rise of the Monkey King part 5
The next morning, Kim and Ron went to the bakery to get some French pastries. Sabine was there to greet them.
"Good morning, Kim Possible. What can I get you?"
"Two chocolate croissants. And is Marinette around?"
"She's upstairs, I can get her for you."
"Thank you."
A few minutes later, Sabine returned followed by Marinette.
"Hi! What can I do for you?"
"We wanted to talk to you about last night," said Kim.
"Oh, yeah. How about we just head up to my room?"
Marientte lead them to her room. Once the latch was shut, Tikki made her appearance.
"Hello, Mrs. Stoppable," she chirped.
"Oh, aren't you cute," Kim cooed.
"That's Tikki, she's the one who makes me Ladybug," explained Marinette.
"You're the one who makes Ladybug, I just let you borrow my powers."
"Hey, maybe you'd like to meet Rufus," said Ron pulling the mole rat out.
Rufus woke up and stared at Tikki. He smiled and chirped out a hello to which Tikki responded back.
"So, what about last night did you want to talk about," asked Mari
:icondjmirnum:DJMirnum 15 5
Rise of the Monkey King part 4
Ladybug has fought all kinds of weird enemies. The Akumas that Hawkmoth sent had strange powers and fighting techniques but fighting ninja monkeys was definitely something she never thought of. And she certainly didn't expect them to be skilled either. She dodged their blows and used her yo-yo to the best of her ability. She made a mental note to herself to learn more Kung-fu from her mother once this was over. She swung her yo-yo to try and get some air but the monkeys were on her. She ran along the wall and kicked a few off her trail.
"No more monkeying around."
Chat Noir was a pretty nimble guy if he did say so himself. He could throw a punch and kick with the best of them and of course he fought best with his staff. These monkeys though were giving him a run for his money. He knocked a few back with his staff but then, he noticed something shiny and possibly sharp spinning towards him. He deflected a few but one landed right by his head. He looked to see a small metal type of weapo
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Adrien's grief

In reference to Miraculous Knights Chapter 14.
Chat walked with his quarterstaff in hand, slightly behind Le Paon who had her bow and arrow drawn, relaxed but still ready to fire at a moment's notice. Their footsteps resounded at the quietness of the halls.
“You seem to know your way around,” Chat commented. He knew his way around these halls like the back of his hand, but still let Le Paon take the lead since she was older. He was surprised as she knew what halls to avoid and ones to take as she led their two-party team.
“I … I live here actually,” Chat was taken aback by her response.
“Yes, I know these halls well enough.”
“Have you ever tried searching for Hawkmoth here?”
“No, I honestly hoped he wasn’t here. I guess my hope blinded me to the truth.” Chat sighed. He was honestly angry to find out his own father was Hawkmoth when Chloe told him. Even more so upon seeing the truth before his eyes when they confronted him. But now that anger was replaced by fear. Fear of losing more than just his father, but his family, his team, and Ladybug.
He glanced to Le Paon’s quiver, where adorned to the side was her miraculous.
He knew what Hawkmoth had told him to do.
Get their miraculous.
Chat had already set in his mind not to take Ladybug’s, but he hadn’t decided on anyone else.
He knew Le Paon as well enough as the other members, although she kept more to herself since she was their elder and she always wore her mask. She had always acted like a mother to them, although not as good as his own. But maybe he knew her outside of the mask. She did say she lived in the castle, so maybe she was a noble woman, or even a servant. A servant would know the grounds better.
He looked back to her face, her eyes full of determination in their hunt. She froze in place and prepared her arrow.
“Hawkmoth,” she growled. Chat Noir looked past Le Paon to see Hawkmoth and two akuma knights.
“Excellent work Chat Noir, now bring me her miraculous,” Chat’s face paled as Le Paon looked at him, worry in her eyes.
“I’m not going to take her miraculous, not her’s and not anyone else's.”
“We had a deal.”
“Then consider this deal cancelled,” Chat Noir raced towards an akuma knight as Le Paon fired an arrow at the other knight, which barely missed as the knight charged towards her.
The akuma knight withdrew a rapier and began combating Chat, who parried step for step against his opponent.
“Fine, if you won’t help me willingly, then I’ll force you to help me,” Hawkmoth raised his cane and struck Chat Noir on the back of the head.
“Take him to the tower,” Hawkmoth commanded the akuma knight, who slung adrien over his shoulder and followed Hawkmoth down the hall.
Le Paon quickly finished the akuma knight and charged down the hall to find it vacant.
She cursed under her breath, wishing she had instead kept everyone together. If Chat Noir was originally going to betray them to Hawkmoth, other members of the team could do the same.
She ran down another hall, heading west.
“Honey Bee, stop racing ahead,” Honey Bee smirked to herself as her “partner” searched the halls for her. She had one job, get the miraculous, and she was going to enjoy every moment of it. She peeked around the corner to see Ladybug round the corner, heading the direction opposite of Honey.
Honey Bee smiled and threw her trombo after Ladybug, who barely dodged the blow.
“Bee?” Ladybug turned to see Honey Bee with her rapier weapon ready for battle.
“Did you see an akuma knight? Or Hawkmoth.”
“No, just you. And your miraculous.”
“Honey? What are you talking about?”
“Give me your miraculous Ladybug.” Honey Bee held out her hand expectantly.
“I’m not just going to give my miraculous to you. I need to defeat Hawkmoth.”
“You are not defeating him anytime soon, so you better give your miraculous before someone gets hurt. And by someone, I mean, you.” Honey Bee charged at Ladybug, who barely readied her yoyo into a quarterstaff to block the intended blow.
“Why do you want my miraculous Bee?”
“I don’t, but Hawkmoth, has great need for it.” Honey Bee let go of her hold, and struck again, Ladybug barely able to counter Honey Bee’s random attacks.
“You are working with Hawkmoth?”
“Temporarily, once I get what I want, I’ll be free from him, you, and the rest of the team.”
“Don’t you see he is lying to you? Once Hawkmoth gets what he wants, he’ll toss you aside as if you were like the rest of us.”
“I’m not like the rest of you. I’m important in the real world, unlike you. I deserve respect, I deserved to be in charge, I deserve to be loved,” Honey Bee practically screamed at Ladybug, with tears running down her face, her fighting more furious than ever before.
“Honey, we all love you. You are a valuable member of the team.”
“A member that can easily be replaced.”
“No one can replace you.”
“Wouldn’t you? Take my miraculous and give to someone more worthy of the title?”
“No one is more worthy than you Bee. Do you even hear yourself? You are important to me and the team.”
“I’m not important to him. And with you out of the way, he can love me.”
“Him?” Before Honey Bee could answer, an arrow appeared out of nowhere, slamming Honey Bee into the wall.
“YOU!” Honey Bee growled as they looked down the hall to see Le Paon with her bow. She dropped her bow down to her side and walked towards the girls.
“How much did you hear?” Asked Ladybug as Le Paon passed her.
“Enough,” Le Paon withdrew another arrow and slammed it beside Honey Bee, effectively pinning her to the wall.
“I’m sorry it had to be this way,” Le Paon turned back around to Ladybug.
“Where’s Chat Noir?”
“Hawkmoth ambushed us and took him. Apparently him and Honey Bee must have discovered Hawkmoth before we did and knew of his plans.”
“No, Chat,” Ladybug sunk to the ground as her quarterstaff dissolved back into a yoyo, tears threatening to spill. Le Paon kneeled down to Ladybug’s level and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
“When the time finally came through, Chat didn’t want to betray me.” Ladybug smiled at this.
“Then I need to get him back,” Ladybug stood and turned to Honey Bee.
“Where do I find Hawkmoth.”
“Like I would tell you,” in a flash Le Paon had another arrow set and ready to fire into the former teammate’s throat.
“Keep going down this passage until you get to the western tower.”
“That area is forbidden to enter,” Le Paon growled, adjusting her angle.
“I swear, I don’t want to die. Please, he’s in the tower with a bunch of creepy butterflies and alchemy equipment.”
“Alchemy?!” Both Le Paon and Ladybug stood.
“I’m going to go get him. Find Volpina and Jade Turtle and tell them to go to Master Fu. We’ll retreat until we are ready,” Ladybug ordered as she headed down the hall and Le Paon headed down towards another hall.
“Wait, what about me?” Honey Bee grumbled under her breath as she willed off her transformation, only to find the arrows still holding her outfit to the wall.
“Ridiculous! Utterly Ridiculous.”
“Chat!” Ladybug called out as she broke through the shoddy door that covered Hawkmoth’s layer.
“Ladybug, what a pleasant surprise,” Hawkmoth stood beside a chair, Ladybug could see Chat’s hand poking out from the armrest.
“What did you do to him,” she readied her yoyo to fight the team’s long sworn enemy.
“Only some improvements,” Hawkmoth unlocked one of the arm bands, then proceed to unlock one on the other side. Chat Noir stood, but instead of his black outfit, the colors were tinted purple, with a butterfly etched into his clothes.
“Chat…” Ladybug’s yoyo stopped spinning as she looked helplessly at her partner.
“Chat Noir, bring me her miraculous.” Chat Noir smiled and readied his weapon.
“With pleasure Hawkmoth.”
Chat bull rushed the charge, which Ladybug side stepped.
“Chat, what are you doing?”
“Getting your miraculous,” Chat turned towards her and charged again.
“Chat this isn’t you, snap out of it.” Ladybug grabbed Chat’s staff to prevent it from hitting her.
“I don’t know what you are talking about, I serve Hawkmoth.”
“Chat, you don’t serve anyone, we work together as a team, with Le Paon, Honey Bee, Volpina, and Jade Turtle. Don’t you remember any of that?” Ladybug took the staff and flung far out Chat Noir’s reach, and meet his hands in combat.
“I know I must get their miraculous”
“No you don’t Chat, please stop this Chat.”
“Not until I have your miraculous.” They continued fighting, Ladybug holding back the tears and her punches as Chat continued to fight her with all his might.
“What are you waiting for? Finish her,” Chat smiled a smile Ladybug wished she never saw.
“CATACLYSM!” He raised his hand in the air, a dark magic formed at his hand as he held Ladybug down.
“Chat,” Ladybug whimpered staring into Chat Noir’s green eyes, his eyes no longer filled with the love he once had for her but hate and anger.
He brought his hand down as Ladybug closed her eyes to prepare for the worst. She wished she had told Chat how much she loved him. Maybe if she had told him, he wouldn’t have been akumatized.
As she waited for the blow, she felt the pressure of Chat Noir fall off her. She opened her eyes to no longer see anyone on top of her, but heard the gasping of breath. She turned to look and see Le Paon, her quiver empty of arrows, and Chat’s cataclysm infecting her side.
“CHAT!” Ladybug screamed and tackled Chat Noir, pulled his miraculous off his finger. She stumbled back as Chat transformed into the prince, and Le Paon’s miraculous willed itself away to reveal the queen.
“No, no mother no, stay with me,” the prince cradled his mother in his arms.
“Yes mother I’m right here, I got you,” the tears started to pour down the prince’s cheek and onto his mother as the color drained from her face.
“Be strong baby, and save your father. I know there is still some good…” a sentence left unfinished tore the prince to pieces as he held him mother closer, hoping to hear more of her melodious voice.
“No mother, stay with me, please, stay with me, mother. Mother? NO!!!” The prince grabbed mother lifeless form, placing his hand where he once cataclysmed.
“Please no, I take it back, I take it back.”
Ladybug looked between the mourning boy and her former mentor as tears welled up in her eyes. She wanted to help, do something to make everything better, but not even Lucky Charm could save a life according to Tikki. She wanted to go and comfort the prince, but she saw Hawkmoth standing in the shadows, staring at her opposed to his dead queen. Waiting for her to show weakness.
Ladybug ran. Away from her love, away from her mentor, and away from the man who destroyed a good part of her world.
Adrien’s sobs began to subside as he held his mother’s limp form.
“Adrien,” he felt a cold hand on his shoulder.
“I can help.”
“Can you bring her back?” Adrien glanced over his shoulder to his father beside him.
Adrien turned back to see his mother’s still form, and gently closed her eyes.
“But I can help you. Make you forget all of this.”
“Take my memories?”
“For your own good. Do you think you can live with the burden you killed your own mother?”
Adrien stiffened, the thought finally setting in. But rather than tears, he felt numb.
He was actually alone. His mother was dead, Ladybug had left him. All he had was his father, whom he knew was Hawkmoth, and now painful memories of what he had done.
He had almost killed Ladybug, but instead killed his mother, and only one person was offering to help.
“No.” Adrien let go of his mother and followed his father to the solitary chair in the room.
Miraculous Knights Chapter 14

Chapter 13:…
Chapter 15: Coming June 29

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Professor Agreste

Professor Layton and Miraculous Ladybug

Mr. Agreste - Professor Layton
Adrien Agreste - Luke Triton
Marinette Dupain-Cheng - Flora

Don't worry, I finished the art to go with Monday's chapter. Mostly. Just a couple details before uploading it after I upload the chapter. I need to sleep now.
Fifteen year old Adrien stood at attention by his father’s side, yawning as he scanned the crowd for a certain someone.

“Who are you looking for darling,” Adrien’s attention was drawn away from the crowd to his mother, Queen Emilia who sat beside his father on the opposite side. Adrien joined his mother on her side, kissing her cheek as he greeted her.

“No one particularly special mother.”

“Adrien, I’d know that look anywhere.”

“What look?”

“The same look your father had when he searched for me at our first ball.” Adrien’s face went pink with embarrassment as his mother gave him and all knowing smile. From where Adrien previously stood, Chloe Bourgeois scowled.

Adrien resumed his search from his mother’s side.

“Although my question is dear, why you chose to go with the silver mask instead of the black, you know how stunning you look in black.”

“Thank you mother, but father insisted as future king I should wear the silver.” Queen Emilia turned to her husband, who wore a golden mask covering the area around his eyes.

“What? I wore that same mask at his age.”

“Oh Gabriel, let the boy wear what he wants. He almost a grown man now.”

“He’s fifteen.”

“And a very mature one at that.”

“If he’s mature enough to pick his own clothes, he’s mature enough to pick an eligible wife.”

“He’s not that old dear.” The king smirked at his wife’s response and kissed her forehead.

“Next year then he can wear the black mask.”

“Next year he can where whatever mask he chooses.”

“Fine,” the Queen kissed her king to seal the agreement while Adrien chuckled over their nonsense quarrel.

He resumed scanning the room, his eyes finally coming to rest on a girl looking about his age with with a red mask covering the area around her eyes. Ladybug.

“Excuse me mother,” Adrien rushed forward, but then remembered where he was. He was the prince and she was a normal girl. They weren’t suppose to know each other. But maybe she would recognize him without his normal Chat Noir mask and sauve.

He found her standing by, presumably her parents.

“Pardon me,” Adrien gave a slight bow while Ladybug gave a deep curtsy, which her parents followed in a deep bow and deep curtsy.

“May I please have this dance?” Ladybug gave a quick glance over the room, but apparently not find who she was looking for, she nodded.

Adrien extended his hand, which she shyly took, and led her onto the dance floor. He held her waist while she reached for his shoulder, and began to spin her around the room with the rest of the couples on the dance floor.

He felt a small tap on his shoe, and looked down to find ladybug’s cheeks tinged pink.

“Sorry your highness, I’m afraid I’m not a very good dancer.”

“You are doing just fine Princess.” Ladybug giggled at the comment.

“I’m afraid you must be mistaken your highness, I’m not a princess or any sort of royalty.”

“Really? I was so certain when I saw you across the room you belonged to a noble house.”

“I’m afraid not your highness. My family and I live here in the capital and haven’t a drop of royal blood in our veins.”

“Your grace on the dance floor says otherwise,” as Ladybug stepped on his other foot.

“Now my feet have matching shoe prints.” Ladybug giggled then fell into silence, looking around the room as they danced.

“Looking for someone?” Ladybug’s face nearly matched her mask as she became self conscious of her actions.

“A friend your highness.”

“Must be a very dear friend to garner your attention so.”

“He is.” Adrien nodded, slightly disappointed his lady didn’t recognize him out of the normal clothes he wore for training and as Chat Noir. Then again, maybe the silver mask seem uncharacteristic of Chat Noir.

“Then I shall let you find him.” Adrien escorted off the dance floor and gave a slight bow, which she returned with a curtsy. He needed the black mask to spend more time with his lady.

“Excuse me father, I believe I shall retire early,” Adrien excused as he stopped by his father and mother.

“Alright, good night darling,” his mother stood and gave him a kiss on the cheek. As his mother returned to her seat, his father pulled down on his arm.

“Was that Ladybug?”

“Yes sir.” The king nodded and resumed to watching the dance.

“But Adrikins! You haven’t danced with me yet.”

“Not tonight Chloe.”

“Aw come on, please, just one dance?”

Before he could say no again, his hand was tugged onto the dance floor as a new song began to play. Chloe gave his a slight curtsy and he returned the gesture with a bow. Chloe eagerly grabbed his hand and pulled it around her waist as she grabbed his shoulder. They began to dance with the other couples, Adrien’s eyes following Ladybug as she stood in the corner as two acquaintances of hers joined the dance floor.

“Adrikins, you’re suppose to keep your eyes on your partner when dancing.”

“I’m sorry Chlo, like I said, I’m ready to retire for the night.”

“At least finish this dance with me.”

Adrien sighed and glanced to Ladybug who continued to scan the room, eventually stopping her search as her parents joined her, introducing her to a young man whose hair matched her red dress.

“Chloe, I think I’ve had enough-” in an instant the room was dark.

“Ladies and Gentleman, Nobles and Peasants. Thank you for attending tonight’s ball,” a single light shown upon the royal couple, namely the king who stood up as he spoke.

“The harvest and our trading has been good to us, and for that I am thankful to you.” He raised his glass and took a sip as the audience cheered. Adrien looked to see Ladybug in her corner with her parents, almost ready to spring into action if need be.

“To celebrate, I have invited a special guest. Please welcome, Hawkmoth.”

People gasped in a panic, searching the room for the nationally acclaimed enemy.

“Nooroo, Dark Wings Rise!” Where the king once stood was their long sought enemy in a silver mask and purple robes along with a wizarding staff.

“Miraculous Knights! To arms!” Adrien recognized Ladybug’s voice amongst the crowd and everyone ran in terror. Adrien left Chloe behind and sprinted to the nearest corridor to change.

“Everyone get out!” He could have sworn to have heard his mother’s voice as he dodged into a secluded hallway.

“At least you got one dance with Ladybug,” Plagg consolidated as he zipped out of Adrien’s coat, and Adrien tossed him a piece of cheese.

“But she didn’t even know it was me.”

“So what you can dance with her after you save the day.”

Adrien signed, trying to find solace in Plagg’s words, but only remembering his deal with Hawkmoth.

“Kid, you don't have to listen to him.”

“If I don't he'll hurt Ladybug.”

“Just saying.”

“Plagg, Claws Out!”

In a flash of green light, he was transformed into Chat Noir. He reached out of his secluded place and around the halls, searching for his team.

“Marinette, come on dear.” Marinette turned to see her parents as they hurried out with the rest of the crowd.

“I need to make sure my friend is ok,” Marinette urged, heading back towards the ballroom, when she felt a strong hand reach out for her. She looked up to see her father with his caring eyes.

“It's too dangerous.”

“Don't worry sir, I'll watch out for her,” Marinette smiled as she heard the reassuring words of Chat Noir as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Thank you Chat Noir. Please take very good care of her,” Marinette’s dad extended his hand toward the country’s hero, who shook it in return.

“As if my life depended on it sir.”

“Be careful Mari,” Marinette’s mom gave her a kiss on the forehead just as Chat Noir led her back down the palace corridors.

“Where were you tonight?” She whispered as he brought her down a dark corridor out of view from the strangling crowds still trying to escape.

“Sorry my lady, I was running a bit late. Was the ball that bad while I was gone.”

“Well other than the king announcing he is Hawkmoth, I got to dance with the Prince.” Tikki flew out of Marinette’s skirt folds as Marinette obligingly gave the kwami a cookie.

“And how was that.”

“Alright I guess, I stepped on his feet twice.”

“My lady, who knew you were so clumsy outside of mask.”

Thanks to the night vision the Chat Noir suit provided, Chat Noir saw Marinette’s smirk as Tikki finished her cookie.

“Tikki, spots on!” In a flash of red and pink, instead of Marinette stood Ladybug.

“Although, I must say my lady,” Chat took her gloved hand in his and gave her knuckles a light kiss. “You looked paws-sitively ravishing tonight in your dress.”

“Puns? Really? Now of all times?”

“You know you like them.”

“Let’s go find the rest.”

“My lady, are you sure?” Chat Noir dropped their clasped hands to his chest, holding close and dear.

“What do you mean Chat?”

“What if we aren’t ready for Hawkmoth. What if he is too much to handle?”

“Chat,” Ladybug brought her other hand to Chat’s cheek, who closed his eyes at her gloved touch.

“We are a team. Not just you and me, but Le Paon, Honey Bee, Volpina, and Jade Turtle as well. We’ll get through this together.” Chat opened his eyes and smiled and kissed her forehead.

“You are absolutely wonderful, you know that?”

He pulled back to see her blushing in the dark.

“Come on kitty, we need go find the others.” She led his back down the way they came and headed back to the ballroom, Chat refusing to let go of their hands.

“Took you long enough love birds,” taunted Volpina, who stood with the rest of the group. Light had been restored to the room, now a mess from the chaos.

“Where’s Hawkmoth?” Ladybug ignored Volpina’s comment and went straight to Le Paon, who was poised with her bow and arrow.

“He seemed to have disappeared in the commotion. I don’t know if it is safer to wait or to explore the castle for him at this point.”

“We should separate, cover more ground,” offered Honey Bee, her trombo ready to shock the next person who entered the throne room. Chat cringed on the inside, knowing what Honey’s plan was. By splitting up the team, it made them easier for Hawkmoth.

“We should stay here and set up our defenses.  If Hawkmoth wants us, he would find us , and we would be more ready if we were prepared,” Chat offered. Honey Bee scowled at him, but he didn’t care. He had to protect Ladybug at all cost if he was going to betray Hawkmoth.

Le Paon considered the options as her younger peers awaited

“Honey Bee is right, if we split up, we will cover more grounds. Volpina, Jade Turtle take the south. Ladybug and Honey Bee will take the West, and Chat Noir and I will take the East. If anything goes wrong, meet at Master Fu’s.”

Chat squeezed Ladybug’s hand, reluctant to let her go.

“Don’t worry Chat, I’ll be fine. I’ve got Honey Bee with me.” Ladybug smiled as she walked away with Honey Bee.

“That’s what I’m worried about,” mumbled Chat as he followed Le Paon.


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